Q. How much is the first office visit?

A. The consult is $40 and the adjustment is $50, so the first office visit totals $90.


Q. How much are following office visits?

A. $50


Q. Can children get adjusted?

A. Absolutely! We have seen and adjusted newborns as young as 5 minutes old. Our technique is safe and involves no twisting, popping or pulling. Children 12 and under get adjustments at a discounted rate of $30.


Q. Do you take insurance?

A. We file all insurances.  The office visit is paid up front, then insurance will be filed, if your insurance covers chiropractic care they will reimburse you directly.


Q. What if I have a co-pay?

A. Each office visit is paid upfront.  One exception is if you have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and you have met your deductible, the co-pay can be paid beginning with the second office visit.


Q. Are you in network with my insurance?

A. Although we do file with all insurance companies, the only insurance we are in network with is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. This means blue Cross/Blue Shield has more favorable terms with our office.


Q. If I have been to Advanced Chiropractic Center in one location, can I transfer to another office easily?

A. Absolutely! Once you have been to one of our offices, your patient files can easily be copied to another location at your request for no additional charge. Visit Enid one day, then Alva the next week for example. No new fees, time, or paperwork is required. We are open at some location six days a week, visit any office you like.


Q. Does my insurance company cover chiropractic care?

A. You will need to call and ask your company if they cover chiropractic care.  You may also bring your card into the office and the office manager will call to see what your coverage is for you.


Q. How long will the first office visit take?

A. The first office visit will take approximately 1 hour.  The second office visit will take approximately 15 minutes and any other visits will take less than 15 minutes.


Q. How long will it be before I get my insurance reimbursement?

A. This is up to the insurance company that you are with.  The claim will be filed within a week of your office visit.


Q. Will I have to have x-rays?

A. X-rays are not routinely taken on every patient; however, the doctor reserves the right to take x-rays if they are clinically indicated. If you have recent spine x-rays or MRI reports, bring them in on your first visit and we will review them at no charge.


Q. What kind of adjustments does the doctor do?

A. We use a low force adjusting technique called Activator Methods Technique.


Q. What is an activator?

A. It is an adjusting instrument designed to help the chiropractor in correcting spinal misalignments.


Q. What are your hours?

A. Alva: MWF 8am - 12pm, 2pm - 6pm (Dr. Bogdanovecz)

    Enid: TF 8am - 12pm, 2pm - 6pm (Dr. Eitzen)

    Cherokee: TH 8am - 12pm (Dr. Bogdanovecz)

    Fairview: MTH 8am - 6pm (Dr. Eitzen)

    Waynoka: T 8am - 12pm (Dr. Bogdanovecz)

    Watonga: W 9am - 6pm, Sat By Appt. (Dr. Eitzen)